Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Cute Date Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentines day is just around the corner, Celebrate love in impeccable style ❤️ You must be busy deciding what to gift, or how to celebrate the V day, but have you thought what will you wear? Well, we are here to alleviate your fashion dilemmas.

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Music Playlist 2018 // Hip Hop/Rap, R&B Soul…

Songs I was Obsessed this Year. My Lit Playlist 2018

Hey everyone, Holaa !!

Today I want to share my music playlist with ya’ll. I cannot live without music, good music is life. I listen to different music genres depending on my mood all day (haha , we all do that) . Well, I want to share the best of all genres, Songs which I have heard all this year long… Songs which I am obsessed with.

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Ethnic / Diwali Look Book 2018

Happy Diwali folks 💥❤️

This Diwali I wanted to do an Indian Ethnic wear Look Book, that can give you some clear ideas to dress this Diwali.

The festival of lights, Diwali, is arguably India’s biggest religious celebration, when homes, institutions and entire neighbourhoods are decorated with candles, earthen lamps and fairy lights on this auspicious moonless night. In urban India, Diwali has come to be associated with weeks of card parties that culminate in a grand evening of firecrackers, on the main day of the festival.

Now when it comes to Diwali party or pooja we want to dress at our best. So these are my 3 Indian looks for this Diwali 2018 💥

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Skin Care Routine – 2018

Hey everyone, I want to share my Skin Care Routine which I follow every single day, for a clear, bright and glowing face. First of all my skin type is Dry Skin, Its really dry all along the year, so I need to take extra care of my skin i.e moisturise it, protect it to retain the softness.

Steps for Healthy Skin :

1) Cleanse
2) Hydrate and Moisturise
3) Protect

Drugstore Products I use everyday :

vogue vibes dhwani shah skin care routine

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How To Wear A Bandana – 6 Ways To Wear Bandana Scarf

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Is it cool to wear Bandana’s ? Well, Yes It looks Bandana’s are back on fashion track ! So bandana’s are in fashion from early 1800 century, People back than were so much cooler and badass, the vintage fashion is considered quite gold in this era. We keep seeing retro fashion, repeat almost every year. Say about ripped jeans to faux and fur or crop tops, denim on denim, yes! a lot many jewels on the list.

Bandana, is a perfect hair accessory, which can be worn in different ways. It comes as a complete rescue ranger on our bad hair days. There are many different ways to style them, in your hair, around your neck and many more.

This summer, let’s go retro. I have tried the simplest way to style bandana scarf.

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Hummus Recipes – Beetroot and Basil Pesto Hummus


A widely popular dip, Hummus is not only delicious, it’s super healthy. Beetroot Hummus and Basil Pesto Hummus, these two versions of hummus are my personal favorite and easy to make, cheaper than ready-made and tastes so much better! It’s high in iron, vitamin C, folate and vitamin B6. It’s also an excellent source of amino acids, fiber and protein. It can be eaten with your favorite bread, carrot sticks, cucumber, bell peppers, avocado and many more.



1 Cup of Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained
3-4 cloves garlic, peeled.
1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

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Date The Ramp Luxury Rental Store

vogue vibes, dhwani shah

Hey lovelies,

I wanna share my experience with Date The Ramp, Luxury rental store. Its a fact, that whenever we have any event, function any party, we always want new clothes especially gorgeous designer dresses. However not every time its possible to buy high end designer clothes for every outing, So its made simple and easy, that we can rent our favorite designer clothes in a budget.

Date The Ramp, is a platform where in you will get variety of clothing. From ethnic clothes to evening gowns, from fancy blouses to all kind of accessories.

They have more than 1000 designer apparels to choose from and designers include Bollywood’s favorite Ritu Kumar, Priti Sahni, Shantanu & Nikhil , Mandira Bedi, Sougata Paul, Satya Paul and many more.
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Wardrobe Essentials 2018

vogue vibes, dhwani shah

Basic White Tee

There are numerous reasons why I swear by white Tee. Is there anything more versatile? You can layer this tee under a denim jacket or casually tuck it into a skater skirt or let it hang with a pair of jeans, its for sure : Nothing is more essential to your closet than this trusty staple.
Probably not much needs to be said about white tees. They’re like the bread & butter of any closet.

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