How To Wear A Bandana – 6 Ways To Wear Bandana Scarf

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Is it cool to wear Bandana’s ? Well, Yes It looks Bandana’s are back on fashion track ! So bandana’s are in fashion from early 1800 century, People back than were so much cooler and badass, the vintage fashion is considered quite gold in this era. We keep seeing retro fashion, repeat almost every year. Say about ripped jeans to faux and fur or crop tops, denim on denim, yes! a lot many jewels on the list.

Bandana, is a perfect hair accessory, which can be worn in different ways. It comes as a complete rescue ranger on our bad hair days. There are many different ways to style them, in your hair, around your neck and many more.

This summer, let’s go retro. I have tried the simplest way to style bandana scarf.

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