Hello there

Welcome to Vogue Vibes!

I am Dhwani Shah, I live in Mumbai, India. Vogue Vibes is not just an online journal, it’s is a cross-sectional platform where I share my passion, my love for fashion, beauty, food & and lifestyle! I enjoy shopping (which girl doesn’t), cooking, travelling, playing dress up and sharing everything I know
about fashion and beauty.

I’m a 17-year old girl who is in 12th grade and over-excited fashion enthusiast. Starting a fashion blog like this is just an add-on to passion and a great thing to activate the fashion bug inside me. I understand how right outfit can change the way you feel.

With this blog, I aim to inspire and help my readers to lead a beautiful life, which I myself am trying ever since I can remember. I believe in dressing up, home decor, travelling, reading and all these small things combined with love add beauty to our daily lives.

I appreciate all the feedback from you guys good or bad! I treasure our relationship which I have gained through this adventurous journey and I hope to continue creating fun content for you all.

Much love.


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